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Prader-Willi Syndrome Australia

Prader-Willi Syndrome Australia Ltd (PWSA) is a family-focused organisation. We strive to improve quality of life for all people living with PWS. We're proud to be building an inclusive, respectful and collaborative organisation that places individuals living with PWS at the heart of all that we do.


Our vision is a world where every person living with PWS has equal access to high quality services and supports so they can live happy and productive lives. To overcome current inequities and to improve services for people with PWS and their families, PWSA has a great responsibility to reach families all across Australia. Efforts of PWSA include information and knowledge sharing and peer support. We harness modern technology to achieve its vision.


PWSA's mission is to simplify knowledge pathways by connecting, educating, advocating and transforming lives together. PWSA exists to empower those impacted by PWS. We work together to transform lives through collaboration, education and advocacy with individuals, professionals, mainstream services and members of the wider community.


PWSA looks forward to co-hosting this vital conference to benefit families, researchers support workers and the PWS community. The program of speakers will give insights into many dimensions of supporting someone living with PWS, whether in the family home or other housing. Speakers will cover the latest recommendations for support, care and therapies.


Key achievements include.


  • Established an Australia-wide peer group for adults living with PWS, who meet regularly to build leadership skills and increase opportunities; It's called OWLA (Our Way of Life Australia)


  • Made videos featuring OWLA members who share knowledge from their lived experience.


  • Made various Submissions to Government and NDIS consultations highlighting the issues facing and needs of the PWS community.


  • Delivered training sessions for providers that offer services to people living with PWS.


PWSA is a registered HPC charity, ABN 12 625 483 909, with DGR status.

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